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Enchanted Handmade Stone Agate Healing Energy Ring

Enchanted Handmade Stone Agate Healing Energy Ring

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Expertly handcrafted, our Enchanted Handmade Stone Agate Healing Energy Ring boasts a variety of colorful stones, each with their own unique healing properties. Made with lightweight wiring, this ring is not only beautiful but also comfortable to wear. Enhance your well-being with this stunning piece.

Product information: 

Stone properties by color; 

here are just a few stones, their color and some attributes given to each

  dentritic - "Stone of Plenty" stay emotionally focused and strong when faced with potential struggle or hostility. helps you find peace.

white -   green patterns that resemble plants, especially moss. Moss agate helps to harmonize the inner state, balancing masculine and feminine energies. Suitable for people who experience frequent mood swings removes heart blockages, allows one to be less controlling and critical of others, boosts self-esteem, has calming energies, reminds of nature.

pink -   relieves stress and helps one feel comfortable and safe, restores, the heart chakra, treats heart disease

red - strengthens a person's wil l,  cleanses the aura of negative energy and fills it with positivity, overcome difficulties in love relationships

green -  helps one to make decisions more quickly, increases vitality and strength, brings courage to its wearer

purple -  keeps a positive attitude and energy, makes you strong and able to pass different difficulties of life, used as a talisman to protect you from various troubles

blue lace -    throat chakra, which is responsible for your ability to express your thoughts freely

Type: ring
material: metal, agate stone
Style: Spiritual \ Healing Properties
Inlay material: gold-plated, semi-precious stone agate.
Color: citrine, green aventurine, pink crystal, red agate, obsidian, white crystal, peridot, violet, blue crystal, cyan, amethyst, tourmaline, aquamarine
Size: Adjustable opening
Popular elements: metal, geometry

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